About Us

 The most referred Martial Arts School in the Washington,DC Metropolitan Area!

The EVOLVE Academy curriculum is a unique blending of traditional and contemporary Martial Arts.  Our programs focus on personal self defense, improved self confidence and leadership development, while promoting the non-violent resolution to conflict through the use of many of the technqiues used by mixed martial artists.  EVOLVE Academy takes pride in teaching valuable life skills to men, women and children which can be carried over into all aspects of our student's lives.  EVOLVE Academy will continue to be successful because we offer our students an effective and functional method of martial arts training .  Our classes are exciting and rewarding.  Our programs are functional and applicable to real life situations and our goal is to promote overall well being to our students and to our community.

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Evolve Academy Mission Statement

The Evolve Academy of Martial Arts mission is to serve the community by motivating our students and instructors to achieve their maximum potential through the practice and teaching of martial arts.  We are dedicated to maintaining the highest instructional
standards in self-defense, physical fitness, mental conditioning and self-discipline while encouraging the spiritual and moral development of both instructors and  students. 

      For information on our PRIVACY POLICY, email us at evolveacademy@gmail.com or    

             write us at 18753 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 to receive a copy

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