"Giving you the power to make  

           what's wrong, right!"


Our Current Training Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday:
4:00PM  Kids Striking White to Orange (all ages)
5:00 PM  Kids Striking Green to Black (all ages)
5:00 PM Outdoor Fitness Class
6:00 PM Adult Striking
7:00 PM Adult BJJ/Submission Grappling 
Tuesday & Thursday:
4:00PM  Kids Striking White to Orange (all ages)
5:00 PM  Kids Striking Green to Black (all ages)
6:00 PM Adult Striking
7:00 PM Adult BJJ/Submission Grappling
8:00 PM Adult MMA/Advanced Sparring (invite only)
8:00 AM  Kids Striking White to Orange (all ages)
9:00 AM  Kids Striking Green to Black (all ages)
9:00 AM Outdoor Fitness Class
10:00 AM Adult Striking
11:00 AM Adult Grappling BJJ/Submission Grappling
Please contact us in order to find out how you can register for our classes today!  Don't let the pandemic keep you from being active.  Keep working on a better version of yourself!!:)

At Evolve Academy of Martial Arts, we believe that self defense begins with the mindset that your life is worth defending.  Evolve Academy is a world-class organization comprised of highly skilled and dedicated martial artists who strive for the highest standards of excellence.  Having been located in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area for over 10 years, our staff is a team of highly motivated individuals, dedicated and committed to our students, our industry and our community.   Evolve Academy is continuously evolving in order to better serve our customers and team members, and we believe that by empowering our students with valuable life skills such as self-confidence, focus and conflict resolution, we can improve their everyday lives.


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Evolve Academy is not only the largest Martial Arts school in the area, offering Stand-up Combatives, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Evolve Fit Fitness Bootcamp to both adults and children, but we also offer the most highly qualified instruction around.  Our programs are designed to meet the needs of all fitness levels.   Whether you are new to training or a seasoned athlete, our classes offer you an awesome cardio and strength building workout.

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